Homes Connect


From helping India find their dream home to building one for them, Homes Connect has taken a giant leap forward, in just within an year of its establishment. What led the company to take this revolutionary step was not just the desire for strategic diversification of its portfolio but also to bring about the paradigm shift in property development. In its previous role as Property Consultant it had clearly understood the expectations India had from its houses, the short sightedness of the builders who were concerned mainly with their bottom-lines and in the process following a construction practice which was built upon the edifice of compromise. At Homes Connect, we have come up with an entirely a new model Property Development business that is based on the traditional Indian ethos but which, at the same time fulfills contemporary needs. Yes affordability is the key but it never will be at the cost of quality, design and engineering.


Rishabh Jain


Mr. Rishabh Jain is a graduate in Business Management from Delhi University and brings with him 10+ years of enriched experience in Finance and Real Estate. Mixing his creative ideas with his vast experience in the Project Management & Consulting field, he brings the simplest solutions to the most complex situations. With his venture of Homes Connect, he carries forward his legacy experience, which is key to success in this industry.
Mr. Rishabh Jain is instrumental in nurturing the relationships and laying out the strategic road map for the company.

Vipin Jain


Within a short period of time of joining the group Mr. Vipin Jain has reshaped the outlook of the Company and set the base for an exponential development.
Mr. Vipin Jain believes in high moral values and simplicity at work. He has a proven track record in business.
His mantra for success is professionalism and transparency. He sets an extraordinary example of work life balance and keeps searching for like-minded people. He hopes to give Homes Connect group a more professional look and grow higher with the organization.


To emerge as one of the most respected real estate developers with footprints all over India both in the housing as well as commercial segments, creating the most creative and innovative infrastructure that exceeds our customer’s expectations, while at the same time establishing benchmarks on a consistent basis.
To be known for our passion and commitment while creating superior infrastructure through the use of innovative technologies and latest design precepts and in the process emerge as eponymous of construction quality and timely delivery.


To develop infrastructure with total concern for the environment, not just while building it but also after it is completed. With underpinnings for a sustainable development model we will make use of environment friendly technologies and come up with designs that bring nature inside.