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"When we consider a new project , we really study it - Not just the surface idea , but everything about it. .

Civil Structure & Finishes

    Homes Connect has specific skills in all the civil building activities in all its projects be it parks, gymnasiums, swimming pools, community halls, auditoriums, function halls, shopping complexes, malls etc. In particular, it specializes in complex civil construction projects, such as high technology hospital structures.

   In this particular sector, Homes Connect has evolved in a great way. Homes Connect has come up with the intention of building smart cities with all amenities within the same project. Be it the residential towers, commercial towers, IT plots etc., we include them all in the project to provide a convenient and comfortable living to the residents. Civil structures are crucial components of any real estate project. We necessarily include all the civil structures in our projects with fine finishes to build a world class city.

    In all these projects, it operated on a project financing basis, bearing a consistent part of the costs and, on completion, taking on management of a number of the associated services.