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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Homes Connect never forget our duties towards the society and environment. We are highly concerned about the welfare and upliftment of especially the unprivileged society around us. In order to conduct our corporate social responsibilities, we dedicatedly conduct our initiatives from time to time whole-heartedly.

We strongly believe that there is an all round development required in various Indian societies especially among the down-trodden and economically weaker sections of the society. There is no proper education, no good home to stay, poor sanitation and unhygienic living environments etc. which demands lot of lives at immature stages.

Apart from the societal issues, our environment is also in great danger. There is excessive pollution which has become fatal for all living beings on the face of earth. There is massive and perpetual depletion of the ozone layer which is allowing the green house gases to enter the earth causing global warming. This global warming in turn is highly destructive for the environment causing the glaciers to melt abnormally high which have destructive circumstances in due course of time. The only way to prevent this is to take proper care of the environment around us and stop mis-using the natural resources to make safer provisions of stay on the earth for our future generations.

We also believe in women empowerment. We have been conducting special programs and would be continuing to do these in future to encourage women to create their social identities in the society and enjoy equal rights on every front as men.

Some of our major initiatives of the present times by Homes Connect Foundation are:

Educational Initiatives

WWe are active in initiating educational drives to impart education to the poor and underprivileged with an aim to improve the socio-economic conditions of the low-income groups.

Women Empowerment

We believe in equal rights for the women in the society. We do PR drives and other engagement programs from time to time for the betterment of girl education, to prevent abuses to women etc.

Social weddings without dowry

One big curse in the Indian society is the dowry. Dowry has come up as a very major problem both in the urban as well as the rural societies. We aim at initiating fruitful campaigns to spread awareness against dowry.

Green Initiatives

We care for the environment. Thus, we execute green drives in the form of plantation programs in different regions to protect the environment from pollution caused by the factories and vehicles in the urban and industrial areas.

We believe this is only the beginning and we have a long way to go in terms of conducting more and more CSR initiatives in the future.