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  In most of the real estate projects, a great deal of the strategic planning takes place before the selection of the furnishings. We at Homes Connect consider the function of space, the personalities and life-style of the occupants of the residence, the minute details of the architectural characteristics of the concerned dwelling, the lighting styles, color preferences and the shades adjacent to the space-both indoors and out, the 'givens' of the space, including all the necessary materials used on the exterior and the interior of the building and, of course, the proposed budget parameters. As the overall planning develops, furniture is being considered only in a generalized way. The interior designers at Homes Connect often use the generic templates to space plan.

  TThe keen observation of historical development in architecture, interior design and furniture by our architects over the passage of many years often help them in tapping into a style that pleases you. Have you heard it that to break the rules you must know the rules? This is true in design and our interior designers aptly do them just perfect as per the temperament of the buyers of homes and offices in our project. Unless you know the various architectural characteristics of different historical times and how the interiors were designed to function in a way that complemented those interiors, you will never be able to fully appreciate how designers use their knowledge of style and history for inspiration, going beyond direct imitation with clever or respectful references to the past, while being innovative and original. Our interior designers are well-learnt and experienced and execute the interior designs in the residential and office spaces as per the prevailing trends as per the world class standards. Hopefully you will enjoy the exploration of style that you encounter in our projects, acknowledging and appreciating the power of human adaptability and creativity in creating brilliantly functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.